Social Development

The Social Development department has gone through system changes that affect everyone. There are new policy developments affecting everyone however one thing that has not changed and is in accordance with Gingolx mission statement is that the social development department is committed to promoting self-efficiency.

The Social Development department oversees various different programs: social assistance, special needs, adult care, the youth center, CPS, family violence, TESI, NCB and the former guardianship financial aid, plus employment initiatives.

Ongoing projects:

  • SA applications and training for clients
  • Domestic violence workshop
  • Mike James workshop
  • C.R.A.F.T workshop
  • Nightly foot patrol
  • Regular sealion harvest
  • Salmon harvest (in conjunction with Education and Youth Council)


Cost sharing with education for:

  • HEO
  • Intro to Trades
  • Fashion Design
  • Cooks helper program

Success highlights:

  • Fashion Design is a new project that has been successful in training of 24 men/women in a beginner and advanced program.
  •  Cultural T’ibin harvest is an annual project that allows for Community members to harvest sealion for distribution to Elders and the Community. This program takes place at the Community Smokehouses and was a great success.
  •  The Domestic Violence workshop was well attended and was successful.

Future projects:

  • Upgrade trails
  • Community beautification
  • Cooks helper program


  • Monthly financial social assistance based on eligibility criteria
  • Special needs
  • Elders’ care (homemaker & handyman)
  • Youth center
  • Fitness Center
  • Liaison with families in need