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Gingolx Village
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Gingolx, BC

Picture towering snow capped peaks plunging straight down to the ocean, all in a rugged rain forest landscape populated by more wildlife than people.

Situated between the north coastal mountain range (just east of the Alaskan panhandle) at the mouth of the Nass River lies the Village of Gingolx. It is the most remote of the four communities in the Nisga’a Nation core-lands and until 2003, access to the village could only be achieved by boat or float plane. With the extension of highway 113 to Gingolx, the village became connected to the rest of the Nisga’a Nation (including British Columbia and beyond) and as such, increased opportunity and benefits opened to the people of Gingolx.

Gingolx, also known as the “Seafood Capital of the Nass” is a Nisga’a Village of roughly 400 people. It is truly a favorite destination for tourists and fisherman that return annually for its quaint seaside charm and hospitality.

A visit to this village is a visit to the best of what B.C. has to offer without all the hustle and bustle, even confusion of popular tourist resorts. Expect total serenity and a native village with great seafood and a gregarious welcoming atmosphere. Gingolx is a place that has something to do for everyone, trails to hike, fishing excursions or a camping get-away. The resident here are always willing to help, ask anyone and you will usually find what you are looking for.

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