Gingolx Memorial Recreation Centre

The Gingolx Memorial Recreation Centre (GMRC or Rec Centre) is the community’s largest gathering place. Throughout the year it provides a venue for sports games and tournaments, regular recreation programs, cultural gatherings, weddings, feasts, and other community events.

Every four years, the GMRC provides space for the Nisga’a Nation Special Assembly and for Hobiyee, the Nisga’a New Year celebration that takes place in February or March. These events cycle through each of the Nisga’a villages, giving each community the opportunity to be hosts on a four-year rotation.

The GMRC holds up to approximately 600 people at table seating, and up to 750 for a sporting event.

The top floor of the GMRC holds the Fitness Centre.

To book the GMRC, use the online bookings calendar.

The Longhouse

The Longhouse is a smaller venue often used for workshops and meetings. It seats up to approximately 150 people.

To book the Longhouse, use the online bookings calendar.

Fitness Centre

The Gingolx Fitness Centre offers two rooms with a variety of fitness equipment. An attendant is onsite and can teach you about the equipment and create a workout program for you.

To use the fitness centre, you can purchase a five-visit or ten-visit punchcard at the centre, or pay a monthly fee.

Hours:   Monday – Friday, 3:00 – 10:00

Rec Centre Programs

The GMRC hosts numerous recreation programs to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles. Many of these are offered in partnerships with Nisga’a Valley Health.

Recreation programs

  • Elders’ walking group—includes chair exercises and games
  • Kids’ Fit Nation
  • Adult Fit Nation
  • Youth recreation, every day 3:00 – 5:00
  • Basketball and volleyball (alternating) 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. daily
  • Cultural dancing (seasonal)
  • Basketball camps
  • Soccer camps

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The GMRC, Longhouse, and Fitness Centre are administered by the Gingolx Community Relations Department.

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