Community Relations

The Community Relations office is a small but extremely busy office (two full time staff) performing and involved in many activities that are essential to the Gingolx Village Government.

We are responsible for all activities related to members registering as a Nisga’a citizen. This registration process enables them to be eligible for education, health, and individual permits as a Nisga’a citizen. We are also responsible for activities related to members that are holders of Nisga’a Village Entitlements, Nisga’a Nation Entitlements and Fee Simple. We assist members in the paperwork process for transfers or mortgage requests.

Special Projects is a large part of the department. We provide program development to the GVG departments for any projects in their work plan. Our purpose is to provide hands on management of the project or assist in developing proposals and budgets for their ideas.

The Community Relations office is also responsible for media and marketing of GVG, including creating newsletters for staff and the community.

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