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Today, many people in Gingolx are involved in the tourism industry. The population and economic growth of the community is steadily increasing due to the recent highway extension coming into Gingolx and because of recent initiatives to develop more activities around the growing area of Eco and Cultural tourism.

Since 2002 Gingolx has developed several walking trails at various strategic locations around Gingolx.

The Lookout overlooking the village has been upgraded. In addition to the existing lookout, two more sites have been developed and all three are connected so you can visit them all in one visit.

The original lookout now has a picnic table which overlooks the Nass River.The tantalizing view at every site is breath taking. From these site you can view the surroundings and the natural beauty of Gingolx.

2003 saw the development of four tribal smoke houses which will be used by the Elders as part of the program titled “The transfer of traditional skills initiative”. This area is also a place where visitors can gather to watch the preparation of traditional foods. Recently Gingolx has been successful in its bid to build a Cultural Longhouse and Carving Shed which is all part of the overall Eco and Cultural Tourism plan. This structure will begin on May 10th and it is expected that it will be completed by September 15th, 2004.

Gingolx has much to offer the tourist and is a must for the wildlife enthusiast. The travel from Laxgalts’ap to Gingolx offers a glimpse into everyday life. Depending on the season, one can see sea lions, the awesome Black Bear, Red Fox, Beavers in the many dams along the river or the occassional small game including Grouse and Porcupine. Of course, Gingolx is famous for its large Eagle population and on a mere 28 km of road one can see 25 Eagle Nest.

The water enthusiast won’t be bored in this small remote coastal Village. it is advised to bring your Canoe, Kayak or your reel and line and spend your days exploring all that Gingolx has to offer.

Gingolx has a 12 passenger ferry with hourly and daily rates. Take the time to visit the surrounding bays and inlets by boat, see the remails of the old canneries or just relax and watch the schools of fish on the boats radar.

Gingolx has several ideal places for visitors to take an evening stroll. Visit the old cannon located at the village dock on a rock aimed at the mouth of the Nass River, look at the statue of twins near the water front or stroll to see the artist at work. Book your group in advance and arrange for cultural singing and dancing and a seafood feast.

The 2004 tourist can see cultural tourism at its best with the hosting of CRABFEST 2004 and the carving of two 30 foot Totem Poles which will be carved from May 15th, to July 15th, 2004.

Make Gingolx a priority! Join the fun and explore Aboriginal culture at its best and make your visit one to remember.

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