The GMRC is available for rent. Please review the calendar below to see if the venue is available on the day and time you would like to rent it. Then read the Rental Rules and Regulations below and fill our the online form.

  1. Review the calendar to see if your preferred dates are available.
  2. Read the GMRC Rental Rules and Regulations.
  3. Fill our the online rental form and submit.

GMRC Rental – Rules and Regulations

The renter shall indemnify and hold harmless the Gingolx Village Government in respect of any claim that may be made against the Gingolx Village Government arising from the renter’s use and occupation of the premises. Liability Insurance for your event can be purchased at any necessarily on the number of people attending your dinner/event.

  1. The renter agrees to comply with, observe and enforce all applicable rules and regulations, and found on this page and on page 2 of this document. The renter is responsible to notify all persons involved with their event of the rules and regulations of this agreement.

Keys are not released until payment in full. ( found in our terms & agreements )

  1. The Gingolx Memorial Recreation Centre is to be placed in the same condition in which it was in before being rented /used by the renter and their patrons. Any clean up or repairs that are required, the renter are fully Financially responsible for any damages to interior /exterior of the hall or equipment also if Miss place of keys The Renter is responsible of paying for all hall locks Therefore, forbiting your damage/booking/cleaning deposit. That includes:
  • Putting away all tables & chairs properly in designated container
  • Cleaning of entire kitchen, including stoves, Pots Coffee Urns and Counters.
  • Taking out all Garbage for designated garbage disposal bins
  • Removal of all decorations from walls and ceiling
  • Cleaning up around outside the hall
  1. Proper Disposal of leftover food must be taken. Soups and oils cannot be left in the cooler, outside in buckets or dumped out the kitchen door. A garburator is available for use of the kitchen.
  2. The Renter will ensure that there is no Violence and will undertake all such security measures as are necessary in order to prevent any violence such as hiring security staff to protect the premises during your event.( Conventions Hobiyee Dances and youth events).
  3. The Use of Alcoholic Beverages is prohibited in or on the premises unless authorization has been expressed in writing by the Gingolx Village Government Chief & Council.
  4. If the services of alcoholic beverages are permitted, use shall be confined to designated areas and the renter agrees to uphold the requirements in obtaining a special license. The renter must send a formal notice of the event to the Lisims RCMP detachment notifying them of the date and time of the event.
  5. The renter is responsible to ensure that all left over stock of alcoholic beverages are to be removed immediately following the event by the license holder. They also responsible for removal of all empty beverage containers from the GMRC premises at the end of the event.
  6. Smoking is prohibited inside the facility. There are signs up on the building which displays the smoking area away from the building.
  7. The GVG or GMRC are not responsible for Injuries, loss or damage of goods, belonging to the renter or any users during the event.
  8. Additional attendants: ie: parking attendants, cleaning personal, RCMP fire brigade maybe required as a condition of approval, the cost of which shall be the responsibility of the renter.
  9. The VHF located on site is to be utilized in a respectful manager during your function or event.
  10. Any items brought into the facility or placed on the GMRC property must be removed with in 24 hours of the completion of your event. Items remaining after 24 hours time period will be considered abandoned property and may be disposed or removed from the site.
  11. A GMRC staff member will be on site and available to assist you or your designated representative throughout your rental time. The GMRC staff member will also monitor the final clean up and provide a report on the approval to release all damage deposits and/or clean up fee to the hired organization.


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