The Gingolx Housing Department’s main directive is the management and maintenance of Gingolx Village Government-owned housing properties.

Also, we assist homeowners through the Gingolx Housing Policy’s programs, within the confines of the Capital Housing Appropriation budget.

Our overall goal is to provide safe, affordable, and appropriate housing for all Nisga’a who wish to reside in the village of Gingolx. We achieve this goal through the following programs:

Rental Properties

Gingolx Village Government offers rental units for low income families. We currently have 37 units in the following facilities:

  • four duplexes
  • two sixplexes
  • one quadplex
  • two houses
  • 11 trailers

Applicants are selected according to criteria defined in the GVG Housing Policy.

Application form

Tenancy Agreement

Homeowner Grant Program

Gingolx homeowners can apply here for assistance with home renovations. This includes emergency needs, interior and exterior work, mold remediation, and improvements to accessibility, such as ramps.

Renovation grants applied for will be awarded based on availability of funding and eligibility criteria as described in the GVG Housing Policy.

The deadline for applications for all housing programs is December 31 of each year.

For more information about our housing programs contact the GVG Housing Manager:

250 326 4212 (GVG administration office)
250 975 0687

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