Employment Training (TESI)

The Training Employment Support Initiative (TESI) helps people develop the skills they need to enter vocational training, education programs, and employment. This support is available to anyone on social assistance.

Previous programs have included Introduction to Trades, Fashion Design, Cook’s Helper, and Heavy Machine Operator.

Employment Trainees in the Community

The TESI program funds several initiatives that provide on-the-job experience to participants while also benefiting the Gingolx community:

Nightly foot patrol

This ongoing program funds two night patrol workers to enhance public safety, whether that means spotting a chimney fire before it gets out of control or providing a watchful set of eyes in challenging situations. They do not intervene but rather observe and report, and call for help if needed. Patrolling takes place Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Beautification initiative

This initiative is all about keeping our village beautiful and well-tended. Participants gain employment skills while providing services such as cutting the grass for Elders’ homes, in public areas, and the at the churches. The program runs for six months, twice a year, with intake in the Spring and Fall.

Elders’ Helpers Program

This program provides two workers who can take on outdoor tasks for Elders—firewood, yard work, clean-up, and more. They show up and get it done, while gaining valuable work experience.

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