Economic Development


During the past year much emphasis has been placed on the area of Community/Economiic Development. Gingolx has expanded this area to include the area of Social Development to support all around community initiatives.

For the past two years, Gingolx has been a bee hive of activity. The success which Gingolx experienced is a result of solid partnerships with community groups, Foundations and external parteners and stakeholders including federal and provincial Government agencies and departments.

Over the past year Gingolx has seen its unemployment rate jump from 82% down to 64%. In 2002 the GVG formed a partnership with the Gingolx Cultural Society and the Federal Government to develop a Media Center. The center was extremely successful in its first year of operation and quickly became the second larger employer in Gingolx, next to the GVG. The Cultural Society and the GVG also operated the Community Cap Site. The site is opened for all community members to come in to surf the internet or to do small business websites. In February 2003, residents began to utilize the site for government services such as applying for EI directly on line.

The past year has seen the successful completion of the following projects:

Two trails build by a 15 man crew over a 7 month period

Two trails by a seven man crew over a five month period

The revamping of a board walk to the old cemetary

The building of four community smokehouse

The building of 150 benches and picnic tables for CRABFEST 2004

The construction of a wooded bridge leading to the smokehouses

The successful bid for the construction of a Cultural Longhouse and Carving Shed

The successful acceptance of a funding proposal for the carving of two Totem Poles

The successful implementation of a partnership for the building and operation of a media center ( 10 Workers)

Further development of the Community Access Program (2 workers)

The development of a community Map ( 2 workers)

The Gingolx Community Sawmill has been in operation for the past 12 months and is slowly becomming successful. The workers are now fully trained and are now moving to stage two. Currently the sawmill is preparing to saw the required timber for the cultural carving shed and in the next few weeks will start stage two which is a 26 week, four man project exploring the need and marketability of value added products.