There are five different areas that interactive activities have been created for including: Nisga'a Art Design; Stories; Carving Preparation; Carving Process; and Totem Pole Timeline. They use the website totem pole cultural content to focus on literacy skills and development in the areas of comprehension, reading and writing strategies, knowledge of language, composing and creating, and improving communications. The Social Studies content learning highlights Nisga'a society and culture across all grades.

Some activities are leveled. Level 1 is geared towards primary students, level 2 to intermediate, level 3 to middle school, and level 4 to high school. Printable pages are provided for many of the activities to reinforce student learning.

The teaching resource guide is in tabular form and outlines primary learning outcomes for each activity and level. A brief description of the activities as well as suggestions for use and further resources is incorporated into the table.

Direct links to the activities are provided.

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