Galsim' ahl Kali aksim Lisims wil maksgwihl k'ay hnn'iligum pts'aan ganhl k'ay aam amaa pt'saan. Ksi Lisims k'ap wahl k'ali aks tgus. Nihl tsu gwila'ahl w'itax k'ali aks ahl British Columbia Canada. Kayim sto'oks anu Alaska wil wil taahl tseets'iks Nisga'a, N'idit k'ap n'ii jagat loot.

Txalpax gabiihl galts'p ts'ip maksgwit ahl Kali Lisims. Gitlaxt'amix luks gigeenit' wil k'ii Gitwinksihlkw ga geets'it ga lax dilihl lax mihl wil hitkwhl galts'ip tgun. Wil k'ii Laxgalts'ap n'ihl w'ayihl pdalks, ii Gingolx wayt luks geets'it, Git laxmo'on n'idit.

Ts'axw gabiihl gwiix ga gihlee'em Nisga'a Gik'uuhl. Gax ba w'o'ohl alugigat an dax ksi Lisima n'idit dim an jahlkwhl ga pts'aan dit. Haksim hux haldim guudihl Naiga'a wila japkwihl pts'aan. 1977 wil hit'in dit sii pts'aan, Hlbihl' t'im kayx gan'agwit. Pts'aanim sayt k'ilim goot wat, Hitkw ga'agahl wil siwilaaks ahl Gitlaxt'amiks. N'i wil w'itkw wil sit'aama'ahl k'aylimksim Nisga'a gihlee'edit. Gwilks dook dit wila jip jabihl w'ahlin pts'aan. Gwin ga'at dihl an alk'al tgun nidit ganhl wil didalkas dit.

Welcome to the Nass River where the tall and fine totem poles are standing. The original name of the Nass River is K’ali Lisims. It is the third largest River on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada adjacent to the southeast Alaskan border.

K’ali Lisims is inhabited by Aboriginal people called Nisga’a Nation. There are four existing villages located on the Nass River. From up river is Gitlaxt’amiks. Moving 9 km further down across the lava beds is Gitwinksihlkw. 30 km further down is Laxgalts’ap where the end of the tidal water reaches. 30 km down to the open sea is Gingolx.

There are many fine Nisga’a totem carvers from the early 1800s. Some of the Nisga’a carvers were imported by neighbouring Nations to carve totem poles for them. The first 60 ft. Unity Pole that was revived, carved and erected in 1977 stands in front of the high school at Gitlaxt’amiks. Since then there are a lot of young Nisga’as who are interested in reviving and carving replicas of the existing totem poles. This site introduces the new carvers who have been interviewed to tell about their creations.



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