Lak’alim’ dii wila loohl Nisga’a

Gookhl dim bakwhl lipleet ganhk ga simutkwsit. Wil la sit’aatkws wila loohl Nisga’a, galksa yooxgwit gwin ga’askwhl Naxnok. Wilaax did wil t’aahl Ganlimoot si wat dit ahl Kamligiihalhaahl (Sim’oogit Laxha) Ii n’ihl k’saxgin’ama’at Naxnok ahl Nisga’a dim an gwin ga’adihl gan didilst loodit. Ii n’ihl hagwin yooxgwihl wila loom.

Lap wanhl amaa spa naxnok ii hoox dii lap wanhl hat’agam spa Naxnok. Aahlakant lax ts’eets’ikshl Nisga’a wil n’a win wanhl spa naxnak. Lax dax ts’im lo’op ganhl ts’imaks. K’wootkw an simuutkws diit ahl naxnox hla gwin ga’adil lipleet wil taahl Sim’oogit laxha n’ihl an simooks dit guun’.

Adaawak dihl Nisga’a wilt guuhl Naxnok gat oo ligi hanak Hanak kap anwindit. Ul Gibuu, ts’imilx, oo ligi Neekhl. Ganhl Ganaaw’ Hlat sidookhl yats’iskw gat ii n’i wil k’ii guut dit dim ayuks dit loot. Hux n’i wila sitaatkws pdeek.


Overview of Nisga'a Culture

Prior to the missionaries coming and bringing Christianity, the origin of Nisga’a culture was based on encounters with supernatural beings called Naxnok. The Nisga’a believe in the existence of “The Great Spirit” called Kamligiihahlhaahl. The Naxnok, are believed to be gifts from this “Great Spirit.”

There are stories about good and bad Naxnok. The Naxnok were sent to teach the Nisga’a how to live. The locations of the supernatural beings, Spanaxnok, are considered sacred. They are found at every corner of Nisga’a territory in the water and in the rocks. The strong Naxnok belief has diminished since Christianity.

The Nisga’a frequently told stories of Naxnok encounters, some involving females being manipulated by the bear, frog, beaver, wolf, and killer whale. These animal contacts then became implemented into the system of tribes and crests.

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