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Bears Den


Canadian Museum Of Civilization, Ottawa, Ontario

Miinhl Gihlee'e:


An Hlimoomhl Gihlee'e:
Leonard Douglas, N'iikwaxas


44 Feet, 12.2 Meters

Sa wil gahlkwt:
When Carved:

circa 1892

Sa wil hit'intkw:
When Raised:

circa1892 Gwunaha

Video Clip | 80k | 672k | (26 min) of Cultural Advisor Chief Chester Moore talking about the Bears Den Totem Pole.   Click the image of the pole to view the different levels in QuickTime VR
Click image to view a QuickTime VR of the Bears Den pole

Harry Foster, photographer with the Canadian Museum of Civilization and Kurt Nelson, multimedia technician with the Gingolx Media Centre prepare to photograph each level of the Bear's Den Totem Pole for the QuickTime Virtual Reality Movies.

Three-quarter view of the Pole of the Bear's Den

Taken in 1927 by Marius Barbeau at Gwunaha
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