Oolichan Grease ready for packaging.
Txeemsim aging oolichans

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Txeemsim meets Ksim T'ilx

Txeemsim was very grateful to Ksim T'ilx. He thanked her and asked her to be his sister. Txeemsim passed this method on to his people, the Nisga'a. The Nisga'a have since become known as the best oolichan oil renders in the world.
Luu'aamhl goots Txeemsim, iit gwats t'ooyaks Ksim T'ilx. Hasakthl dim gimxdit loot. Wil k'iit mahlis Txeemsim dim wilaa si-t'ilxhl Nisga'a. Txaa-wilaaxdihl gat wil k'aa aamhl dii si-t'ilxhl Nisga'a ahl lax haniijok tgun.
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