Ksim T'ilx Instructing Txeemsim.
Txeemsim meets Ksim Tilx

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Txeemsim meets Ksim T'ilx

"Find some cedar wood. and make a pair of tongs to handle the hot stones. When the stones are very hot, put them into the boxes of oolichans and water. Take some alder wood and make a spoon to remove the cooled stones from the boxes. Replace the cooled stones two or three times. The oolichan grease will float to the top of the water and you will have all the oolichan grease you want."
"Dim go'onhl simgan, dim ii ni japhl hapts'eexkw. Nihl hooksit ahl gamgim lo'op. Wil k'iit luu-t'ahldiithl lo'op ts'im gal'ink wil luu-lilookshl saak. Dim go'onhl luux, dim ii mi japhl hoobixhl dim hooyin jidaa hlaa mi ksi-dokhl lo'op ahl gal'ink. Adigwil yukw midim sityeewihl lo'op ts'im gal'onk. Yukwhl sim wilin dim ii nii-gagatshl t'ilx ahl hli lax'ut. Lip gasgoohl t'ilxhl dim hasagan."
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