Txeemsim meets Grease woman
Txeemsim meets Ksim T'ilx

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Txeemsim meets Ksim T'ilx

Txeemsim was so busy thinking that he did not pay much attention to what was around him. He was startled to suddenly see a tall, dark and very beautiful woman standing in front of him. He greeted her politely. 'Wise Woman," he said, "do you know how to cook oolichans to make grease?"
Yukwhl sim luu-jabaxhl goots Txeemsim, ii ts'aagyukwskwt hlaat ga'ahl wil hitkwhl sim amaamasim hanak' gookt. Sim aam wilaa algaxt ahl hanak. "Wilxo'osgum hanak', wilaayin dim wilaa jamkwhl saak, dim wilaa si-t'ilima?" Diyat Txeemsim.
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