Txeemsim and Oolichans

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Txeemsim meets Ksim T'ilx

One day, Txeemsim was sitting, deep in thought, beside his campfire by the river. He was surrounded by great mounds of oolican he had just fished from the River. He knew how tasty the oil of the little fish was and he was trying to figure out a way to separate it from the fish.
K'ilhl sa ii t'aas Txeemsim laxts'eehl aks, laxts'eehl anlakwt, ii luujabaxhl goot t. Sim kutk'umitkwhl si-saakt daax wil t'aat. Wilaayit wil sim xlilhl t'ilxhl witgwit ahl saak, ii yukwt sik'ihl wahl dimt wilaa japt.
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