The coastline at the head of the Nass river.
Arrandale Nis<u>g</u>a'a men and Constable

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The Lost Trapper

The arctic outflows were so severe that they decided to make camp and wait for the weather to improve. After a few days the RCMP constable had become so cold and weak that he was certain that he would freeze to death. He knew he was slowing the other men down and was afraid they might all die. He decided to write a note to explain the situation then shoot himself.

Richard and his brother knew "there would be trouble" if the officer died on the trip so they picked him up, and carried him the rest of the way to the coast.

Wil k'ii kigootkwdiithl dim hisjoksdiit, hlaa gal ts'axwhl sakhl laxha. Dim gibadiithl dim ts'uusgim aamhl laxha. Hlaa sim aliskwhl wotsmaan, ii hlaa xhap'ax daawtkwhl hlgat t. Wilaayit wil hlaa dim nuwt. Wilaayit wil nit an gidii daxyugwihl ii'uxwthl silsdilit, ii nidii hasakthl dim misk'a daxwdiit. Wil k'ii si-gootkwthl dim gwilks-gukwst. Ksgook dim t'amhl agugan dim wilt tgun.

Wilaayis dip Richard ganhl wakt dim wil hashuskwhl gat jidaat wilaaxdiit wil nuwhl wotsmaan lax genx. Nigant wil k'ii guutdiithl hli smaxt, iit golt'axdiit ahl ndahl dim go'odiit.

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