Storm rising at the head of the Nass river.
Stormy Coast picture at Gingolx, BC Stormy Weather

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The Lost Trapper

A trapper who lived in the mountains above Old Aiyansh was reported missing. The RCMP was notified and they dispatched a constable to investigate. It was winter and there were bad storms along the coast so the constable could not travel by boat.
Naxnayihl gat wil kw'ootkwhl gathl jogat lax sganist ga-gililihl wahlin ayans. Adigwil yukwhl wana'am jaayeehl gat tgun. Mahldiit wil kw'ootkwhl gat ahl wotsmaan, iit hitshl wotsmanhl k'yoolhl gat dim t an sik'ihl ksi-wadihl wilaa wilt. Iilaa maadim ii lukw'il hat'axkwhl laxha. Nidiit di'akhlkwhl gat dimt hooxdiithl boot.
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