Welcome to Nisga'a, Legends of the Nass. The origin of Nisga’a culture is based on encounters with supernatural beings called Naxnok. The Nisga’a believe the existence of the Great Spirit and the Naxnok is a gift to them from the Great Spirit. The Naxnok made known how to live and Nisga’a culture carries it through. The history of the Nisga'a is one of story telling. There are stories about good Naxnok and bad Naxnok. Sacred places of supernatural power called Spanaxnok are found almost in every corner of Nisga’a territory. We hope that you enjoy this site as you see some of the stories that make up our rich culture.

Galsim’ sim ga’ahl adwaawakhl Nisga’a.  Wil sit’aama’al lab wil la loodit galksa yoox gwit wil tkal guut dit Naxnok.  An simutkws Nisga’a wil t’aahl K’amligiihathaatkw Ii n’ihl ksax gin’ama’ahl K’amligiihathaatkw Naxnok as n’idit.  N’ihl Naxnok gwin ga’askw gwit as n’iidit iit n’ihl hagwin looxgwihl wila loodit N’ihl adaawakhi Nisga’a tgun ahl sim la’ooiy’ Dooxhl adaawak wila wihl aama Naxnok ganhl hat’aagam Naxnok. Hilt wil wanhl  hli daxgat Naxnok siwatkws ah Sbanoxnok, lap nnda Ahl an k’uhlwil Nisga’a wil want K’oom’ax guum’ dim sim anookhl gwin ga’askwgum’ ahl  wil gagidim Adaawak galksi yooxgwihl wila loodit.

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Nihl sayt doosim gwin ga’askw tgun tk’al huuks gan hliomoom w’itkw Ahl Canada’s an japhl sayt doosgum aguhl Canada

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