Story Credits:
Chester Moore

Animation Credits
Eruption of the Nass
Naxnok Stops the Lava
The Great Hunter

Chester Moore
Tanya Stanley

Cultural Advisors:
Katie Clayton
Chester Moore
Rose Stevens
Rose Trimble

Nisga'a Translations:
Adel Gosnell (School District #92)
Chester Moore

Project Director:
Mike Scott

Web Site Development Team:
Edward Benson
Sally Derrick
Denise Doolan
Richard Morgan
April Nelson
Kurt Nelson
Tanya Stanley

Development Assistance:
Nass Media
Ellen Torng
Louis Oliveira (W&C CBT Solutions Inc.)

Photo Credits:
Students from Nathan Barton School
Gingolx Media Centre

Audio Credits:
Chester Moore
Tanya Stanley
Students from Gitwinksihlkw

Financial Assistance:
Canada's Digital Collections
Gingolx Education Department

Developed with support of the Gingolx Cultural Society

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