Aigle Sur Le Totem Pourri (deuxième de la gauche)

Aigle Sur Le Totem Pourri (deuxième de la gauche)
Royal BC Museum PN 6925c
Date: 1952 Photographer: Wilson Duff
Collected by Mr. Barbeau for CNR in Provincial Museum; see Drew page 19 – Totem Poles Of Prince Rupert.
Photographed at Prince Rupert!
EAGLE-ON-THE-DECAYED-POLE of GITLAKDAMIX called Luseskyaeq (in-the-Checkers) of Rhystiyoe – it was 23rd in row of totems along Nass R. front.
Figures: 1. A pair of small eagles at top known under name of Eagle-On-the-Decayed-Pole.
2. Head of Eagle.
3. Ghost-of-the Otter.
4. Person called LUSES-SKAERHSEM (in-the-checkers), a crest of the household.
5. White-Marten, crest of household.
6. Half-Black-Bodies.
7. Eagle Person.
- erected to replace a form pole on the same spot, which was burned by accident.
- Carved by Kaguhlaen, of a Wolf Clan of Gitrhadeen.
- Barbeau bought it for CNR in Prince Rupert – now in Provincial Museum #14838 a-b.
- See Barbeau, Totem Poles, vol. I, p. 94.
- See PN 669, 1238.