This web site was produced by the Ging̱olx̱ Education Department through the Ging̱olx̱ Media Centre with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Strategy, together with partial funding through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement.

Project partners who contributed value-in-kind services included the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Royal BC Museum, the UBC Museum of Anthropology, and School District #92 (Nisg̱a’a).

The following individuals contributed their skills and expertise to this production:

Cultural Advisor: Chief Chester Moore
Project Coordinator: Mike Scott, VideoWave New Media
Office Manager: Sandra Stewart
Cultural Researcher: Richard Morgan
Videographer: Charles Moore
Web Design and Development: Tor Nawrot
Writer: Jim Grove

Research Assistants:
Virginia Stewart
April Nelson
Kim Stewart
Dawn Doolan
Lori Stewart
Noah Guno

Video Assistants:
April Nelson
Kim Stewart
Noah Guno

Eddie Benson
Richard Morgan
Sandra Stewart

Nisg̱a’a Translation:
Chief Chester Moore
Virginia Stewart
Verna Williams

French Translation:
Lise Archambault
Ghislaine Vincent

Curriculum Development:
Tish Scott
Carole Ford

Ging̱olx Village Government:
Alvin Nelson – Village Administrator
Nelson Clayton – Chief Counsellor
Neal Barton – Education Administrator
Natasha Moore – Education Assistant
Esther Stevens – Finance
Collette Moore – Accounts Payable
Selina Stewart – Payroll

Special Thanks:

Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government:
Oscar Mercer – Chair, Council of Elders
Collier Azak – Lands & Resources
Kimi Hisinaga – GIS Technician

Ayuuḵhl Nisg̱a’a:
Fran Johnson – Manager
Nita Morven - Researcher

Andrea Laforet, Ph.D.
Director, Ethnology and Cultural Studies
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Leslie Tepper, Ph.D.
Curator of Ethnology, Pacific Coast
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Benoît Thériault
Library, Archives and Documentation services
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Jonathan Wise
Audiovisual Archives Technician
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Louis Campeau
Audio-Visual Archives
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Vincent Lafond
Photo Archives Research Officer
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Bill McLennan
Curator, Pacific Northwest
UBC Museum of Anthropology

Kenneth R. Lister
Assistant Curator of Anthropology
Royal Ontario Museum

Bob Griffin
Manager, Human History
Royal British Columbia Museum

Dan Savard
Collections Manager, Audio-visual
Royal British Columbia Museum

Sheila Sampson
Collections Assistant
Royal British Columbia Museum

Kevin Neary
Traditions Consulting Services, Inc.