Burning of Regalia

In this 4 minute video, the Laxgalts’ap Cultural Dancers perform a story of the burning of the regalia at Hobiyee 2009 (Nisga’a new year)

Below the video clip, there is a brief description along with a “think” bubble that says, “Think about the significance of regalia and cultural objects to Nisga’a ways of life.”

Video Icon Link Click HERE to go to video clip now.

Possible activities:

The video could be used as a springboard for inquiry into the significance of the totems/art objects to First Nations way of life, parallels in other cultures with written histories, and implications of their loss. Identify parallel situations in other cultures, what efforts have been implemented that are working to restore/reclaim/save historical artifacts?

It could be a springboard into a unit of study on the Nisga'a culture with a positive focus re-their efforts to reclaim their culture. Use website and other sources to find out what Nisga’a people are trying to reclaim/restore/save.

It could be a spring board for action to make a difference (e.g., action to restore/save/reclaim historical artifacts). Consult with Nisga’a elders to learn how you might help in the Nisga’a people’s efforts to preserve their culture. With Nisga’a support, share ideas you think might work, select most acceptable and feasible, put these ideas into action, monitor progress, and refine efforts as needed to help preserve Nisga’a culture.

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Charles Lillard (Editor). Mission to Nootka, 1874-1900: Reminiscences of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Sidney, BC: Gray’s Publishing.
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