Photo Analysis Activity

Four archival photographs along with supporting video clips, photos, and text provide the basis for the archival photo or picture activity. Focusing on observation skills, the viewer is encouraged to consider prior knowledge and make inferences about Nisga’a life at the time the photographs were taken. Examples of observations and inferences are supplied and easy to access. Observations and inferences are typed into a text box and then the option to strengthen those inferences with further support materials (e.g., video clips, photographs, links to relevant website pages) is given. After adding further observations and/or inferences, the viewer rates the strength of the inferences made using a descriptive chart or rubric with check boxes. They then choose their most powerful inferences to write a caption for the archival photograph.

At this point, the work completed can be printed out to be handed in as an assignment. The activity ends with a thank you from Sim’oogit Haymaas (Chief Chester Moore).

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In addition, a sample lesson plan is included that relates the activity to several relevant Ministry learning outcomes for grades 6 to 8 in British Columbia, Canada.

Click HERE to view sample lesson plan.