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There are three types of interactive curriculum related activities for this site: puzzles, matching activities, and photo analyses. They are designed to engage the viewer in a closer examination of both archival and contemporary data sources and hopefully encourage a more thorough examination of the site. In addition, four short video clips relating to Nisga’a culture, history and ongoing cultural revival are included on the activity page. Three sample lesson plans are included as well as suggestions for extension activities. Direct links to the activities are provided.


Link to Video about Missionary Response to Nisga'a culture, 5.5 minutes, Size 31 MB Missionary response to
Nisga’a culture:
The late Chief Rod Robinson speaks of the missionaries who came to the Nass …

Link to Video Burning of Regalia, 4 minutes, Size: 7 MBBurning of regalia: The Laxgalts’ap Cultural Dancers perform a story … more

Link to Video Totem Pole Removal, 2 minutes, Size 22 MB Totem pole removal: The late Chief Rod Robinson describes what happened when totem poles were taken down ... more

Link to Video Preservation of Culture, 2.5 minutes, Size: 12 MB Preservation of culture: The late Chief Rod Robinson speaks about preserving Nisga’a culture and the importance of the cedar tree ... more


Puzzle ActivityPuzzles: Six illustrations depicting ancient poles from four Nisga’a village sites provide the basis for the puzzle activities …more

Matching ActivityMatching Activities: Crest figures from three ancient tribal poles
(wolf, killer whale, eagle) and related information. … more

Photo AnalysisPhoto Analysis: Four archival photographs along with supporting video clips, photos, and text … more

KillerwhaleExtension Ideas and Resources
Some suggestions for curricular extensions related to the site as well as further references and resource materials… more