Bear Pole of Tsiixgan Image

Lamjax̱sim̓ ahl w̓ahlin-gixg̱alts’ap g̱anhl pts’aanhl Nisg̱a’a. Anoog̱ahl website tgun mi dim ts’ilayxwhl w̓ahlin-gixg̱alts’ap g̱anhl pts’aanhl Nisg̱a’a ii dip siwilaakshl wilaa loohl w̓ahlin-gigat ii wilaa dildilsdiit g̱an sim aam wilaa wildiit ahl sim gik’uuhl.

Sim la’ooy̓ diswilhl joḵhl Nisg̱a’a ahl ḵ’alii-aks ahl wil sim hilthl sg̱an̓ist ḵ’alii- Canada. Sim amaa wilim g̱andidils ahl lip wilaa loodiit g̱an sim aam wilaa wildiit at sityeexwdiithl w̓adiit. Lip jipjapdiithl agu, iit lip g̱o’odiithl dim wilaa jax̱joḵdiit ts’im-ḵ’alii-aksim Lisims, g̱anhl lax̱- ts’eets’ikskwdiit ahl ḵ’alii-aks tgun.
ḵ’oom̓ax̱gum̓ mi dim sim anooḵhl aguhl ga’asim̓ ahl wilaa didils g̱anhl wilaa loohl Nisg̱a’a.

G̱abiit an hlimoomim̓ g̱an n̓ii-huksgum̓ lax̱-website. N̓ihl Canadian Culture Online, ii Human Resources Development Canada.

Welcome to Ancient Villages & Totem Poles of the Nisg̱a’a. This website allows you to revisit the oldest villages of the Nisg̱a’a, study their totem poles, and understand the cultural practices and ways of life that sustained this Northwest Coast people since time immemorial.

For countless centuries, the Nisg̱a’a have lived along the Nass River in Canada’s rugged northwest. Their rich social and cultural life is the product of a long history of trade, warfare, art, and living from the sustenance of the land and waters around them. We hope you enjoy your visit to the world of traditional Nisg̱a’a life and culture.

This project was made possible with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through Canadian Culture Online and Human Resources Development Canada.