Tx̱aa Gatkw

Sim’oogit: G̱ooḵ
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱sgiik
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Lax̱luuks
Wilp: G̱ooḵ
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Ax̱ts’ip
G̱an̍agwit: 50 feet
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: 1860

Adoḵs w̍itkwt hli ts’iw̓int:

1. Gadim lax̱-sy̓oon
2. N̓ii-t’aahl gat gits’eeg̱ahl m̍aal
3. Sgimsim
4. Gadim tsim aks
5. Nax̱nogam tx̱ux
6. Gadim Tx̱aa ḵ’awhlk (t’aa n̍it)

Ts’uu xbiĺ di huxw t’ipx̱ooĺt wil gisi- maḵskwhl pts’aan g̱agiiksihl g̱alts’aphl Gitlax̱t’aamiks. Pts’aans G̱ooḵ, hitkw g̱a’aag̱ahl wilps Sim’oogit G̱ooḵ wat ahl “tx̱aa gatgum wilp.” Huxwdii tḵ’al- kw’ootkwhl pts’aan g̱ooḵhl 1927. Huxwdii tḵ’al-t’ip-ḵ’otskw ii simihlkwt hlaat t’ip-ḵ’asḵ’otsdiithl pts’aan yukwhl x̱haykwshl am’aamit ahl Gitlaxt’aamiks gik’uuhl,1918.

Hli adaawag̱at: nidii wilaakst

The Whole Being

Chief: G̱ooḵ
Tribe: Eagle
Clan: Lax̱luuks
House: G̱ooḵ
Carver: Ax̱ts’ip
Height: 50 feet
Year: circa 1860

Crest figures from top to bottom:

1. Person of the Glacier
2. Person of the Bow of the canoe
3. Thunderbird
4. Man Underneath
5. Supernatural Halibut
6. Person named Tx̱aa ḵ’awhlk (sitting)

Travelling downriver past Gitlax̱t’aamiks, the pole of the Whole Being stood seventeenth in line along the river front, in front of an Eagle house called “Whole Person”, belonging to an Eagle chief ßooá. This pole disappeared before 1927: it was likely cut down and destroyed during the Christian religious revival at Gitlax̱t’aamiks in 1918 along with many other poles in the village.

Crest stories unknown.

Historical Pictures of The Whole Being (click for larger image)

The Whole Being Pole  Thumbnail ImageThe Whole Being Pole  Thumbnail ImageThe Whole Being Pole  Thumbnail ImageThe Whole Being Pole  Thumbnail ImageSection of The Whole Being Pole used as a house post