Gibilx̱s Minee’eskw

Sim’oogit: Minee’eskw
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱sgiik
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Lax̱luuks
Wilp: Minee’eskw
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Sg̱at’iin
G̱an̍agwit: 12 feet
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: 1860s

Hli adoḵst:

Ksax̱ g̱an ii x̱hlip-n̍ii t’aahl ts’uuts’im Gibilx̱ loot.

Ts’uu xbiĺ di huxw kwsdins g̱ageets’ihl wil gisa-maḵskwhl pts’aan g̱agiiksihl g̱alts’aphl Gitlax̱t’aamiks wil hitkwt. Ansgihl w̍ahlin Minee’eskw. Huxwdii tḵ’al-kw’ootkwhl pts’aan tgun hlaa yukwhl x̱haykwshl am’aamit ahl Gitlax̱t’aamiks1918 ganhl hlagats’uuhl pts’aanhl simihlgwit ahl g̱alts’aphl Gitlax̱t’aamiks gik’uuhl.

Hli adaawaḵ ganhl adoḵs tgun: Gibilx̱

Sim gik’uuhl yukwhl gisi-lukwhl Lax̱sgiik, huut n̓idiit ahl Lax̱gibuu. Bakwdiit lax̱-amaakws mag̱oohl ḵ’alii- aksim Sdik’iin. N̍iwil gisi-huutdiit hoox diithl mm̓aal.
Yukwhl gisi-wildiit n̍iwilt n̍ii-w̍adit wil sg̱a-heetkwhl w̍ii syoon. Iit g̱alksi- yox̱kwdiithl hlaxwhl syoon, hlaa g̱alksi-aḵhlkwdiit n̍iwilt ga’adiithl w̍ii jakw’iskw ahl ts’im-aks. Sim w̍ii liks gadim wilaa jabim ts’uuts’ ii n̍ii-wanhl gat lax̱-g̱aḵ’aaxt g̱anhl lax̱-t’imlanxt

Siwatdihl Lax̱sgiik ahl gibilx̱ iit guutdiit ahl dim ayukwsdiit loot. N̍ii-hukskwhl adoḵs tgun ahl hlag̱ats’uuhl pts’aan. Hugax̱athl ts’uuts’im tyay̓tkw g̱anhl x̱sgaak.

Gibilx̱s of Minee’eskw

Chief: Minee’eskw
Tribe: Eagle
Clan: Lax̱luuks
House: Minee’eskw
Carver: Sgat’iin
Height: 12 feet
Year: circa 1860s

Crest figures from top to bottom:

Plain round pole (gan) with a carved Gibilx̱ bird at top.

Travelling downriver past Gitlax̱t’aamiks, the Gibilx̱ pole of Minee’eskw stood fifteenth in line. It was a memorial for a former Minee’eskw. This pole disappeared before 1927: it was likely cut down and destroyed during the Christian religious revival at Gitlax̱t’aamiks in 1918 along with many other poles in the village.

Crest Story: The Gibilx̱

Long ago the Eagle people lived in the northern prairie country, where they had a conflict with the Wolf tribe near the headwaters of the Stikine River. The Eagles were forced to flee down the river in their canoes.

During the migration, after they had passed under the glacier that crossed the river, they encountered a monster in the water that resembled a giant bird. There were people sitting on its wings and neck.

The Eagles called it Gibilx̱ and adopted it as a crest. This crest is represented on totem poles and elsewhere with a similar appearance to an eagle or thunderbird.

Historical Pictures of Gibilx̱s of Minee'eskw (click for larger image)

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