G̱alts’ap Lax̱-g̱an

Simo̓ogit: Galg̱a
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱̱gibuu
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Gitḵ’ansnaat
Wilp: nidii wilaakst
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Bayt N̓eeḵhl
G̱an̓agwit: 16 feet
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: 1830s

Adoḵs w̍itkwt hli ts’iw̍int:

Ksax̱ g̱an x̱hlip-n̍ii-t’aahl gat hli ts’iw̍int.
N̍ii-t’aatgwit sdo’ohl an’unt iit dax̱- yugwihl t’img̱est ahl hli sdo’ohl an’unt.

Ts’uu gilp’ilhl luu-ksgigeenix wil gisi- maḵskwhl pts’aan g̱agiiksihl wil gisi- maḵskwhl pts’aan ahl Gitlax̱t’aamiks. Hitkw g̱a’aag̱ahl wil hitkwhl wilphl Lax̱ gibuu wat ahl “Wil n̍aa-no’ohl Lax̱ha” Kw’ootkwhl pts’aan tgun g̱ooḵhl 1920: Huxwdii tḵ’al-t’ip-ḵ’otskw hlaa yukwhl x̱haykwshl am’aamit ahl Gitlax̱t’aamiks 1918.

Ansgihl Lax̱gibuu tgun, t’akdiithl wat. Ksax̱ g̱an tgun, x̱hlip-n̍ii-t’aahl gat hli ts’iw̍int, ii n̍ii-t’aatgwit sdo’ohl an’unt iit dax̱yugwihl t’img̱est ahl hli sdo’ohl an’unt.

Village on Tree Pole

Chief: Galg̱a
Tribe: Wolf
Clan: Gitḵ’ansnaat
House: Sg̱at’iin
Carver: Bayt N̓eeḵhl
Height: 16 feet
Year: circa 1830s

Crest figures:

Plain round pole (gan) with a carved human figure sitting at the top.

This pole stood second from the uppermost pole at Gitlax̱t’aamiks, in the row along the river front, in front of a Wolf house called Hole-through-the-Sky. This pole disappeared before the 1920s: it was likely cut down and destroyed during the Christian religious revival at Gitlax̱t’aamiks in 1918 along with many other poles in the village.

This pole was a memorial to someone whose name has been forgotten. The single figure at top was sitting on one hand and his other hand was raised to his head.

Historical Pictures of Village on Tree Pole (click for larger image)

Village on Tree Pole Thumbnail ImageVillage on Tree Pole Thumbnail Image 2