Pts’aanim Anluuhlkwhl X̱sgaak

Sim’oogit: Gitx̱’un
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱sgiik
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Lax̱luuks
Wilp: Gitx̱’un
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Aqstaqhl
G̱an̓agwit: nidii wilaakst
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: ligii 1870

Wilaa jabihl adoḵs w̓itkw hli ts’iw̓int:

1. Anluuhlkwhl x̱sgaak
2. Nidii gahlkw hli ḵ’apt
3. Yukwt giphl ts’inhlik’hl meeḵ
4. Ts’uuts’im lax̱-mo’on
5. X̱sgaagim lax̱-mo’on
6. Hlbin
7. Wiyitgum hanaḵ’am g̱anaaw̓
8. G̱anaaw̓
9. T’aam ts’imilx
10. (Ligii w̓ii n̓agum ts’aḵhl hagwil̓ooḵ’ oo ligii biyooskw)

Wil hitkwt:

Anluuhla x̱sgaak k’il̓hl k’aa w̓ii n̓agum pts’aan, ii k’aa amaa m̓asim pts’aan ahl ḵ’alii-Lisims. K’ax̱ hitkw ahl g̱alts’abim Gwinwoḵ, iit n̓ii-w̓ahl wil pdaalhl ḵ’alii- aksim Lisims. Ii n̓iwil gisa-guutkwst ii huxw amaa hit’intkwt ahl Git’iks. Hitkw saḵ’apdihl pts’aans Sag̱aw̓een.

Adaawaḵ dihl pts’aans Sag̱aw̓een wil lukwhl Lax̱sgiik bakwdiit mag̱oonhl sdik’iin, ii wayt bakwdiit ahl ḵ’alii-aksim Lisims. Ii tḵ’al-n̓ii-wanhl adoḵshl Lax̱gibuu loot.

Giigwihl Jardin Zoologique du Quebec pts’aan tgun ahl 1932, n̓iwilt hit’indiit lax̱-ts’eets’iks awa’ahl g̱alts’aphl Quebec City. Hlaa 1990 iit t’ip-guutdiithl pts’aan tgun, n̓iwil ḵ’ay sisgit. (Sga-daaw̓ihl The Jardin Zoologigue ahl 2006)

K’iil’iks adaawaḵhl ptsaan ts’iuuxw dim wila n’eesda’ahl adaawaḵ

Eagle’s Nest Pole

Chief: Gitx̱’un
Tribe: Eagle
Clan: Lax̱luuks
House: Gitx̱’un
Carver: Aqstaqhl
Height: unknown
Year: circa 1870

Crest figures from top to bottom:

1. Eagle on a nest
2. Plain section of pole
3. Squirrel chewing a pine cone
4. Cormorant
5. Sea Eagle
6. Whale
7. Weeping (Frog) Woman
8. Frog
9. Sitting Beaver
10. (crest uncertain – possibly Long Sharp Nose Monster or Mosquito)


The Eagle’s Nest Pole was one of the two tallest and most exquisitely carved poles on the Nass River. It originally stood at the village of Gwinwoḵ, but it was undermined during a flood and replanted downriver at Git’iks beside the pole of Sag̱aw̓een around 1885.

Like the pole of Sag̱aw̓een, it contains mixed crests relating the southward migrations of the Eagle tribe, but it also includes one crest belonging to the Wolf tribe.

The Eagle’s Nest Pole was purchased by the Jardin Zoologique du Quebec in 1932 and erected on its grounds near Quebec City. It is believed to have been taken down during the 1990s. (The Jardin Zoologique closed in 2006.)

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Historical Pictures of Eagle’s Nest Pole in Gitiks (click for larger image)

Eagle’s Nest Pole ThumbnailEagle’s Nest Pole ThumbnailEagle’s Nest Pole ThumbnailEagle’s Nest Pole ThumbnailEagle’s Nest Pole ThumbnailEagle’s Nest Pole ThumbnailEagle’s Nest Pole ThumbnailEagle’s Nest Pole ThumbnailEagle’s Nest Pole Thumbnail