G̱alts’abim Ginluulaḵ’ - Village de Ginluulaḵ’

Kax̱ g̱alts’aphl Ginluulaḵ̓ ahl ligii 1800. Hli t’aa ahl g̱ageets’ihl Lisims nidii n̓akwt ahl Ank’idaa, sdo’okshl g̱alts’abim Lax̱- Anhlo’o. Nidiit naa ji tan wilaax wilaa wilt. Kw’ootkwhl Ginluulaḵ’ ahl ligii 1800, wil g̱al ts’axwhl pdaahl aks.

Wil sit’aakwshl siwatkwst ahl Ginluulaḵ’: “Wilt tx̱ooḵ’anhl luulaḵ’ n̓idiit.” Sgihl hli adaawag̱as gun. Sim gik’uuhl-gi, ii wanhl Nisg̱a’a ahl g̱alts’ap tgun.

T’aahl ḵ’aym̓asim hanaḵ’ ii nuw̓t, iit ginaa-t’aadihl k’yoolhl hlgu gat, ligii kwsdinshl x̱k’uuhlkwt. Hlaa luu-silkwhl maadim ii kw’oot’ishl hlgu gat as nox̱t, ahl sim xwdaxt, ii nidii haw̓hl wiyitkwt.

K’il̓ sa-gi iit nax̱n̓ahl luu-wanit ts’im-wilp. G̱an wilhl n̓aa-t’ist’isa’adiit. Hlaat ḵ’aḵdiithl pdo’o, ii hitkwhl sim ḵ’aym̓asim hanaḵ’, iit tx̱aa uugwihl n̓ii-malkw’a’am miso’o, gin̓amit loodiit iit gwin yuuḵ’anhl hlgu gat. “Sim adigwil yukwhl misihl miso’o wil dii w̓itgwiy̓, ii sim amaa m̓asim anjoḵ. Way aam mi ginhl hlguuhlgum gadiy̓ ahl miso’o.

N̓ig̱an wilhl siwatkwst ahl Ginluulaḵ’, wilt yuuḵ’anhl luulaḵ’hl hlgu gat.


Ginluulaḵ’ was a village in the 1800s located on the south side of the Nass River a short distance above Ank’idaa. It is believed to have been located close to the village of Lax̱-Anhlo’o, but little more is known about it. Ginluulaḵ’ disappeared in the middle-to-late 1800s, likely due to flooding.

The name Ginluulaḵ’ means “fed by the ghost” and there is a story that explains the name origin. Long ago, there were Nisg̱a’a people living at this location on the river. There was a young mother among them who died and left behind a four or five year old boy. Some time later, in the middle of winter, the boy was very hungry and missing his mother – he never stopped crying.

One night the people of that longhouse heard a knock on the door. When they opened it, they were greeted by a young woman holding a fresh barbecued sockeye salmon. She gave it to them and told them to feed the boy with it. “Where I come from, the sockeye salmon spawn endlessly, and it’s a beautiful place,” she said, “so feed this salmon to my boy.”

This is how the village earned its name – Ginluulaḵ’ or “fed by the ghost”.