Transcript - Shaking Pole, Ank’idaa

My name is Richard Morgan. I’m standing in front of the Shaking Pole of Kw’ax̱suu, one of the oldest poles of the Nass. It’s remarkable that it is carved by two carvers.

Yaogwanows the carver, he was a Raven carver out of the house of Niishuut, a Gits’ilaas tribe amoungst the Ts’imsan, and Oyee, a Wolf carver, the well-known Wolf carver of Gitwinksilhkw, the Lax̱gibuu. The bottom figures are of a person running backwards on the belly of a larger figure, which is a Semgyeek, real king fisher.

And above it is Ensnared Grizzly. It’s called Ts’ipkuhl Smax – it means “Bear with his eyes closed”, and it has a snout and it has long since fallen off. It has two faces on the ears, and above it has a cedar bark rope – that figure is called Ts’ipkuhl Smax. He was the brother of Spiisguut. [In the] Bear Mother story, he was the one who hunted down the father of the supernatural grizzly bear.

On the feet of that is Semgyeek, Kingfisher crest of the Raven-Frog. The top figure Lik’in̓skw, “Prince of Grizzlies”. When the pole was first raised, the figure had a Mas’awl, white bear.

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