Crane Pole (middle) In Situ

Crane Pole In Situ (middle) - Royal BC Museum PN661.jpg
PN661 Collection: Newcombe Catalogue #: # 591-VIII/61
Date: 16/V/1913
Angidah, Nass River – Pole 4th from N.W. end (also shows PN658, PN660, PN662, 588, 590 and 592).
Pole at left, foreground – the Crane and Grizzly beat totem of Kinsaderh, Chief of a Wolf clan at Angidah – collapsed in 1947: Spring – carved by Oyai and assisted by two others.
See Barbeau, Totem Poles Vol. I – p. 233-236.
Pole at right, the shaking pole of Kwarsuh – see PN 1250.
Dept. of Mines Geological Survey: - #70686 – March 16/28.
Dept. of Mines and Resources #70686: – July 19/1948 – Photographic section.