Pts’aanim Gat

Sim’oogit: Nidii wilaakst
Pdeeḵ: Nidii wilaakst
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Nidii wilaakst
Wilp: Nidii wilaakst
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Nidii wilaakst
G̱an̓agwit: 20 feet
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: Nidii wilaakst

Adoḵs w̍itkw hli ts’iw̍int:
Ksax̱ g̱an ii n̓ii-t’aahl gat hli ts’iw̓int.

Ts’uu t’ipx̱ool̓t wil gisi-maḵskwhl pts’aan ahl g̱alts’aphl Ank’idaa, mooji hli silkwhl g̱alts’ap.

Pole with Man

Chief: unknown
Tribe: unknown
Clan: unknown
House: unknown
Carver: unknown
Height: 20 feet
Year: unknown

Crest figures:
Plain round pole (g̱an) with carved human figure at top.

Travelling downriver past Ank’idaa, this plain pole stood seventh in line, near the middle portion of the village.

No Historical Picture of Pole with Man in Ank'idaa