Sakwsim Pts’aans Kw’ax̱suu

Sim’oogit: Kw’ax̱suu
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱gibuu
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Gitlax̱gwanks
Wilp: Kw’ax̱suu
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Oyee iit Yaogwanows
G̱an̓agwit: 45 feet
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: 1840s

Adoḵs w̓itkw hli ts’iw̓int:

1. Hlgu wilksihlgum Lik’in̓skw
2. Nox̱hl smax
3. Jag̱a-y̓ax̱y̓aḵ
4. Luu-hit’inhl Lax̱gibuuhl lik’in̓skw
5. Ḵ̱’ap t’iyoolik’ (huxw k’ii wilaa diyeetkwshl gadim ts’im-aks)
6. Gwilks-bax̱ (aamhl g̱an̓agwit ii saa-guutkwst)

Gisi-g̱ageets’ihl g̱alts’abim Ank’idaa, ts’uu kwsdins, g̱ageets’ihl wil maḵskwhl pts’aan ahl g̱alts’ap. Sim luu-sbayt-hitkw ahl wil maḵskwhl pts’aan. Iit giikwhl Royal Ontario Museum ahl 1929 ii n̓iwil ḵ’ay hihitkwt ts’im-museum sa tgun.

Tgun g̱an wat ahl tx̱aa-sakwsim g̱an. Tx̱aa sakwshl g̱an daahlaa pdaltkwhl lik’in̓skw. Sim liksgatkwt wilaa jabihl pts’aan tgun, ahl wil gilp’ilhl pdeeḵhl ayukwsithl n̓ii- wanit lax̱-pts’aan tgus. Lax̱gibuu g̱anhl Lax̱-G̱anada. Lax̱gibuuhl ayukwsit ahl tx̱alpx̱at w̓itkwt hli ts’iw̓int, ii Lax̱- G̱anadahl ayukwsit ahl luu-ksgilp’il hli miint.(sim ts’iyoolik’ ii gwilks-bax̱at)

Wilaa mag̱oontkwhl wilaa wilhl gilp’ilhl adoḵs lax̱-pts’aan. Gwin̓ayis sim’oogidim hanaḵ’hl dim gilp’ilhl pdeeḵhl dim n̓ii-wanit lax̱-pts’aan dim ansgit. Luu-dihitgwit dip nox̱t g̱ans nigwoott. Lax̱gibuut nox̱t ii Lax̱-G̱anadat nigwoott.

Ayukwsim gwilks-bax̱. Saa-guutkws tgus lax̱-pts’aan ahl Ank’idaa (oo ligii lip saa- t’igwantkwt) g̱ooḵhl dimt guuhl gwilksḵ’alt’amt’isgwit wilaa jabit. Amaa n̓ii-sgitkwhl ansgiy̓shl gihlee’et, m̓in-dax̱ yukwdihl gilp’ilhl g̱anim an’un.

K’iil’iks adaawaḵhl ptsaan ts’iuuxw dim wila n’eesda’ahl adaawaḵ

Shaking Pole of Kw’ax̱suu

Chief: Kw’ax̱suu
Tribe: Wolf
Clan: Gitlax̱gwanks
House: Kw’ax̱suu
Carvers: Oyee and Yarogwanows
Height: 45 feet
Year: 1840s

Crest figures from top to bottom:

1. Prince of Grizzlies
2. Bear Mother
3. Hanging Across
4. Ensnared Grizzly
5. Real Kingfisher (also known as Submerged Person)
6. Running Backwards (later removed)

Travelling downriver past Ank’idaa, the Shaking Pole stood fifth, near the middle of the row of totem poles. It was purchased by the Royal Ontario Museum in 1929 and still stands at the museum today.

The name “Shaking Pole” refers to the idea that grizzly bears were supposed to shake this pole as they climbed it. This pole is slightly unusual because it displays crests from two different tribes: Wolf and Raven. The top four crests belong to the Wolf tribe, while the bottom two crests belong to the Ravens (Real Kingfisher and Running Backwards).

The explanation for the different crests is that it was a memorial pole for a female chief who wanted both her father’s crests and her mother’s crests represented. Her father belonged to the Raven tribe, and her mother belonged to the Wolf tribe.

The crest “Running Backwards” was removed from the pole at Ank’idaa (or perhaps fell off) before early researchers could photograph it. A carved coffin was put in its place, resting on two wooden arm supports.

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Historical Pictures of Shaking Pole in Ank'idaa (click for larger image)

Shaking Pole Thumbnail 1Shaking Pole Thumbnail 2Shaking Pole Thumbnail 3Shaking Pole Thumbnail 4Shaking Pole Thumbnail 5