W̓ii Ookshl Hli Miinhl Pts’aan

Sim’oogit: Kw’ax̱suu
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱gibuu
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Gitwiln̓aak’il̓
Wilp: Kw’ax̱suu
Miinhl Gihlee’e: W̓ii Seeks g̱ans Gwaanis
G̱an̓agwit: 45 feet
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: 1870s

Adoḵs w̓itkw hli ts’iw̓int:

Lik’in̓skw oo ligii Hlguuhlkwhl Lik’in̓skw. (saa-daaw̓ihl gihlee’e tgun lax̱’uhl ansgiy̓s ahl ts’iw̓inhl pts’aan)
Ḵ̱’aat’im Ts’im-Lax̱hahl wahl pts’aan tgun. N̓ii-sgihl ansgiy̓s hli ts’iw̓inhl g̱an tgun.)
Ansgiy̓shl Hlgu Wilksihlgum Gibuu (saa-daaw̓ihl gihlee’e tgun)
Baahlkw Gat. (ts’al̓ saḵ’apdihl muxwhl sim’oogidim gibuu)
Sim’oogidim Gibuu (dax̱- yukwdithl gahlgum hayatskw)
Uug̱am Lik’in̓skw (gahlgum hayatskw)
Gadim Ala (luu-wanhl ts’al̓a gat ts’im-an’unhl nox̱hl smax)
Nox̱hl Smax
Hlgihl Lik’in̓skw
(t’ipx̱aathl k’uba smax g̱alax̱’uhl t’img̱est ii t’ipx̱aat lax̱-ḵ’ehlḵt )

N̓ihl sim luu-ksgeets’ihl pts’aans Kw’ax̱suuhl hitgwit ahl Ank’idaa, w̓ii ooks hli miint. Giigwihl National Museum of Canada tgun 1947. N̓i wil ḵ’ay hihitkwt ahl Canadian Museum of Civilization ahl Canada sa tgun.

K’iil’iks adaawaḵhl ptsaan ts’iuuxw dim wila n’eesda’ahl adaawaḵ

Wide Base Pole

Chief: Kw’ax̱suu
Tribe: Wolf
Clan: Gitwiln̓aak’il̓
House: Kw’ax̱suu
Carver: Wii Seeks and Gwaanis
Height: 45 feet
Year: 1870s

Crest figures from top to bottom:

1. Grizzly Bear or Grizzly Cub
(detached carving on a coffin at top of pole)
2. Burial box on top of tall plain section of pole called Cane of the Sky
3. Burial box with Prince of Wolves
(detached carving)
4. Split Person
(face between the ears of the Chief of the Wolves)
5. Chief of the Wolves
(holding carved shield)
6. Grizzly Bear’s Copper
(carved shield)
7. People of the Smoke Hole
(faces on the two Bear Mother paws)
8. Bear Mother
9. All Children of the Grizzly
(two small bears above the head of the Bear Mother, and the bear cub on her chest)

Travelling downriver past Ank’idaa, the Wide Base Pole of Kw’ax̱suu stood last at the bottom of the village. This pole was purchased by the National Museum of Canada in 1947, and it stands today at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.

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Historical Pictures of Wide Base Pole in Ank'idaa (click for larger image)

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