Gingolx Housing Department

The housing department is under new management with the following capable staff members:

Housing Administrator Clint Barton
Housing Clerk Emily Stevens
Maintenance Worker Richard (Rick) Nelson

The staff is responsible for the daily operations and delivery of housing to 34 rental units, planning and project management of renovations and new construction on a yearly bases.

Current Activities sees the staff conducting a housing analysis on all housing to determine an operational plan that will address bringing all the housing structures up to code that is sure to enhance the quality of life for all Gingolx members. This work goes hand in hand with addressing and solving the financial situation of rental arrears and finding practical consequences for non - payments that will allow for revenue building towards new construction.

Gingolx Village government and Gingolx Housing Committee are working together towards developing a Housing Authority that will administer property management, renovations, new construction; finance leveraging thought a “service delivery agreement.”


One of two Duplex units new to the community.


L-R Roger Basil, Troy Stewart, Norman Watts and Claude Barton Sr.



Housing Clerk- Emily Stevens
House under Construction
Under Construction

It is the vision and mandate of Gingolx Housing to always be mindful of the community members. This is done through interactive venues that facilitates the identification of needs and find solutions together.

We are in the completions stages of another duplex that will see 2 more units for families at the same time reduce overcrowding. With finance limited, our current mortgage obligations and limited residential expansion land base we are looking at innovative ways to meet the housing demands. This is a challenge for all stakeholders and we are up to the challenge to succeed.