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Nathan Barton Elementary Junior Secondary School District #92 (Nisga'a)

We are a small school located in the Nisga’a community of Gingolx approximately 102 kilometers north of Terrace, B.C.

We have a student population of approximately 60 enrolled in four classrooms.
We also have adult students who are working on upgrading and equivalency courses.

Our main goal for the 2002/2003 school year is to improve student achievement in reading and writing. We have scheduled two-hour literacy blocks in each classroom to provide more instructional time for literacy. Our school has joined the network of Performance Based Schools to research the question: Can we improve student success in reading and writing through the implementation of a two-hour literacy block.

Community-based cultural projects continue to be at the forefront of student learning where collaborative partnerships have been developed with First Nations Education Steering Committee, First Nations School Association, Gingolx Education Department, Gingolx Cultural Society, and the Gingolx Media Centre.