Development Corporation

devcorpThe Gingolx Development Corporation's mandate is to develop and manage community-based projects for the village of Gingolx.  These include such projects as Harbor Improvement, a new fuel station, the up-keeping and maintenance of the Kincolith Community Hall, the cable network, and most recently, the Spirit of Gingolx ferry for charters and tourism. With the new road into the village of Kincolith, the Gingolx Development Corporation anticipates an increase in tourism projects in the near future.

The Gingolx Development Corporation is managed by the general manager.  Responsibilities include negotiating with other businesses as partners for projects such as the ferry that was purchased, the upcoming forestry project which will take place this coming spring, and additional projects that will enable community members to gain employment.

The Gingolx Development Corporation is ade up of community members who sit on the G.D.C. Board of Directors. There are Directors who are appointed by Village Government (along with their Village Government Representative) and by the Development Corporation as those who are elected from the public at the Annual General Meeting.

Presently on staff is
Managing Director -
Receptionist - Mrs. Agnes Doolan

Current Board Members include:
Mac Trimble - President
Claude Barton Sr. - Vice President
Peter Stevens Jr.. - Director
Nelson Clayton- Director
Hubert Stevens Sr. - Director