Gingolx Culture - Culture-Saxwhl Lisims Thunder

Saxwhl Lisims Thunder is a drumming group where children of all ages gather their strength and make their young spirits soar.

The group was organized in 2000 by Cultural Director, Chester Moore.The group of youngsters began by making their own drums.

Twice weekly, they were taught about the Nisga'a songs, Culture, and Traditions and how different life events were carried out and dealt with.

The children began their performances and received great reviews from the public.

Later in the year they were taught about the traditional feast.They not only learned how to organize the duties pertaing to the feast, they carried out those duties themselve. The children put up their own feast for the Community..

In 2001, Chester groomed Raymond Stewart Jr. III to lead the group of youngsters. Raymond led the group with his learned skills, he honored the crowd with his leadership. In recognition of his work at one feast he received a blanket and a Nisga's name.

The third year, another young man was groomed to lead the group of eager children. Stuart Stanley has led this group very well with the support of other young members.

In June of 2002, the group was invited to travel to Haida Gwaii, Queen Charlotte Islands, to perform at various schools.

As a part of Saxwhl Lisims Thunder's ongoing efforts, Chester Moore visits Nathan Barton School regularly. He relates to the youngsters stories of their Nisga'a Culture and Traditions and practises the drumming and singing.




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