Gingolx Media Centre

The goal and objective of the Gingolx Media Center is to establish a local, self sufficient media outlet in Gingolx that will document and save the knowledge and written text of the Nisga'a Nation.

Other goals include:

  1. To train people in a variety of media production formats such as; Web site design, Web streaming video clips, CD Rom development and Video production.

  2. To service the Nass Valley and surrounding areas with an up to date media outlet.

  3. To network with other First Nations communities and organizations.

  4. To preserve and stimulate Nisga'a cultural identity.

Surrounding areas such as; Prince Rupert, Terrace, the Nass Valley, will be servicable by the Gingolx Media Centre. Allowing coverage of sporting, cultural, and newsworthy events to be seen more publicaly.

With the Internet, our coverage may be limited to the surrounding areas but our audience is no less than the World.

A website with streaming video will be hosted by the Media Centre which will have video, slide shows and stories focussing on the Nisga'a Culture.

Local people will be trained, employed and will eventually manage the operation of the Media Centre.

Other than employment opportunities, the following aspects of media development will also be available to the Media Centre:

  • Production - portable video production station

  • Post Production - Cultural video & DVD Projects

  • Distribution - WWW, CD's, VHS, DVD's, APTN etc.

  • Training - hands-on format with industry standard software, work experience

Staffing includes a Front Office Manager , two multimedia technicians and 5 youth trainees; part time researcher, scriptwritwer, narrator and cultural advisor.

Projects and training to date include:

  • Web portal for www.gingolx.ca set up

  • Elementary students trained in web production

  • "Pt'saan Jabim - Totem Pole Project" Web Site documenting the first totem pole (Sayt Adoks Gingolx) carved in the Village by elementary students and Master Carver Chester Moore

  • Training for 18 adults in Macromedia Web Design Studio

Stay tuned for more as Git Gingolx and the Media Centre continue to grow together in this new field.




April Nelson editing a video production


NLG Camera

Student on camera - Nisga'a Treaty Project



Kurt Nelson filming Grizzly Bears in the Khutzeymateen