Gingolx Culture - Culture-Amihl Saxwhl Lisims Men's Choir

In September of 1999 at the suggstion of the late Chief James Stevens (Simoogit Kamsiwaa), approximately thirty men formed a new choir group. The group, called Amihl Saxwhl Lisims Men's Choir, performs Nisga'a songs, Christmas songs, as well as, classical lullaby's.

The group was formed to help the men of Gingolx re-build their self esteem. Enabling them to learn to sing harmoniously and perform benevolently in public.

The start of this new choir brought magnificent reviews from far and wide. The powerful voices struck crowds in amazement. Their voices were harmonious and it brought good spirits to those listening. 

Since the birth of this group, the choir has performed in numerous events in the community. They have sung for special events such as:
- Fundraisers for the Kincolith Christ Church
- Funerals, to show their respect to the family
- Wedding feasts, to share in the celebration

Their journeys have taken them to perform in other communities such as; Metlakatla, Terrace, Greenville, Prince Rupert, the Hazeltons and Kitsumkalum.

In the year 2000, the men's choir assisted the Kincolith Christ Church renovation fund in a big way. The group planned an event that all would remember.

The event was the Hobiyee, Nisga'a New Year. It was the first Nisga'a New Year celebration to ever be celebrated in Gingolx, it was electrifying. The Master of Ceremonies for the celebration was Chief Chester Moore (Simoogit Hlayim Wil). He led the cultural singers and dancers in an enlightening way. Well over $15,000 was raised and turned over to the Kincolith Christ Church.

In 2001, an opportunity arose for the choir to record a CD.  Sadly, due to a lack of funds, the group could not travel to Terrace to make the recording.  However, with the new Gingolx Media Center, the group will have the opportunity to record their wonderful voices in the sanctity of the Kincolith Christ Church.

Singing practices are held on Tuesday and Saturday at 7:00 pm. The place to meet is usually announced on the CB radio. A formal dress code, utilizing traditional Nisga'a colors, has been adopted by the group whenever they perform. Black slacks and white shirts are used and the choir members all have vests that have their own house crests on them.

The choir group often receives invitations to perform in homes, especially from the elders. People say their songs and voices are soothing, uplifting and harmonious. The audience as well as the performers often come away with a feeling of being uplifted, cleansed or just happy.

The Amihl Sawhl Lisims Men's Choir has a committee which keeps them organized. This committee is also available for the choir members to come to whenever they find themselves in a situation where they need assistance. The choir has committed itself to looking after each other and their loved ones.


Chairperson, Alvin Nelson.

Conductor/Director, Chester Moore.

Manager, Max Lincoln.

Assistant Manager, Ken Moore.

Treasurer, Raymond Moore.

Recording Secretary, George Nelson Jr.


To reach this organization the contact person is
Max Lincoln @ (250) 326-4249.
General Delivery, Kincolith B.C. V0V 1B0.

Amihl Sawhl Lismis Choir, Gingolx

Performing at a Feast in Gingolx


Group Choir

Choirmasters Chester Moore and George Nelson Sr. with the Choir after the 2001 Seafest Parade


ASL Chester

Under the direction of Chester Moore


ASL Practise

Harold Barton Sr., Max Lincoln, Isaac Watts, and Mike Scott


ASL Chariman

ASL Chairman, Alvin Nelson


ASL Organist

Organist Arthur Nelson